Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still day 1 and still no luggage...


Neither one of us have pajamas.


No ice. We went on an ice quest to McDonalds because we didn't want to pay for room service. It melted before we got back to the hotel!

No washcloth. Have you ever washed your face with a bath mat?? Works great!

It's a totally different culture when there is no value to cold drinks! They do things differently.

Old run down buildings with brand new gorgeous ones next door.

Hookers in front of the American Embassy - why did that not surprise us?

Panoramic view (love my new camera sweetie!) of the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv at night. Stunning!!

We voice skipped with Kerry from my iPad from a wireless cafe. Love the Internet, totally free international call!

Gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea. The most beautiful beaches anywhere. With all that has gone on with no luggage, airport running, couldn't find our driver....after a good nights sleep - everything will look better in the sober light of day.

You may wonder why we are blogging today? Our tour doesn't start till tomorrow and with nothing to unpack and put away, we opted to write blogs over watching the hookers across the street!!!


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

8:45 pm. We were both sound asleep when there was a bang on the door!!!! Our bags are here!!!!!


Colargolet said...

Hi Jen!

I've recently discovered your wonderful blog, and even subscribed.
If you're in Tel-Aviv I don't think you'll need pajamas ;-) it's steaming hot down there... But I guess now things will get better after your luggage has arrived.
I'm from Haifa. Come and visit! It's a really beautiful town :-)

p.s. - You will find it hard to find icy drinks around here. Try the smoothies (Barad) for the closest thing to really cold drinks :)

Have fun!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

We are at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv until Sunday when we head up the coast all the way to the border. Give us a call in the evening - room is under Jennifer Lowe. I always love meeting my readers in person. Are you an artist?