Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Do you feel in your heart.....

What I feel in my heart?" That was the question this girl asked today. She was a speaker at Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I don't know her name, but she was a powerful speaker. Independence Hall is the exact spot where a secret meeting was held at 4 pm on May 14, 1948. An Art Museum. 350 people were invited to arrive at 3:30 pm, dressed up, but they did not know what was going to happen.

At exactly 4pm, David Ben Gurion struck the gavel 3 times and read the Declaration of Independence. 37 people signed it.

But before he read the declaration, the entire audience of 350 people, standing in a hot, crowded, underground room with a capacity of about 200, burst out in song - the song that is today Israel's national anthem.

He struck the podium with the gavel one time, the meeting was over, and the course of world history was forever changed.

A land was born in a day. The 66th chapter of Isaiah told us it would happen.

To listen to this woman, this mom, who has a child in the Israeli Defence Forces, to hear the words pouring out of her heart and to look around at the audience, predominately Jewish men and women, and see tears falling from their eyes was a truly profound and moving moment for me.

To know that the Jews have not had a home for 2000 years. To know that in a moment, on that single day in 1948, they had a place to call their own, a land promised to them, to experience the very place where it happened....

it's just one of the many reasons we are on this trip.

I truly feel in my heart what she feels in her heart. Do you?

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