Friday, October 1, 2010

more poly play

So, this is a dual blank - a stamped blank on top of a patera.  Sort of liked how it turned out.  I can dangle from either end.

More steampunk with a little bling:

 Here's a dual layer that I went ahead and finished.  Yes, I might get them all done sometime in the next week!

 For this one, I painted the silver background with pinata inks, then covered with envirotex and laid the sandal charm in it.
 The star will dangle on top of this one
 and the hamsa will dangle on this one
 the background possibilities are just endless
 combine that with all the different shapes - so much fun!
The "babes" are coming to play on Thursday and it looks like we're going to be making more of these!  Should be a fun day!!!


Neet said...

These are fabulous - you have certainly got this off to heart. Love the brown one with the pearl danglies especially - my kind of colours.

bijouxartcreation said...

Superbe Jane !!! j'aime beaucoup