Sunday, October 3, 2010

They are sooooo cute!!!

I just love it when something turns out so cute!  Peg sent me an email with a suggestion - put these on scrabble tiles!  CHEAP!!!  OK, I'm off to the thrift store next to get more scrabble games - best stay out of my way!  LOLOL!!!

And I found the tiny bails on etsy for just 30 cents each - I can afford that!!!

And etsy had watch parts, 7 grams for $4.95.  Love it!!!

What on earth did we do before online shopping?

OK, just thought - scrabble tiles on etsy?

I used glossy accents on these.  Think I will try resin on the next batch, but I'm out of Peg's clay.  You know, I think we should put Peg to work!  If you would like some of her blended clay, just post here or email me and I'll hook you up directly with her.  I'm sure she'd love the extra work!  OK, it's not free!!!  But I think she's just about the most reasonably priced polymer clay artist I've ever met! (huh? Linda?)

This is just the best project ever.  I have no idea who will end up with these pendants.  I'm taking them to Israel.  Some will go to friends I already know.  Some will go to Hadadi.  Maybe I'll "drop" a few here and there and just to brighten someone's day!  Imagine walking somewhere in Israel and looking down to find one of these?  OK - I'm putting them all in tiny zip bags so they won't get ruined when I "lose" them!

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