Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am home

Interesting that I write tonight "I am home". When that is exactly what I wrote in my notes the day we arrived in Jerusalem. It is my home. I feel so comfortable there. We had a great opportunity to explore the city. But I think I enjoyed my time at the wall as much as anything at all. I sat there for half an hour one afternoon just watching people come and go.

I watched so many people pray their prayers...

I stood on the top of Temple Mount...

I witnessed the Bar Mitzvah of a total stranger....

And I left a note in the wall for a dear friend.

Amazing experiences.

I ended up taking over 1500 photos. Memories to last a lifetime. I'm already planning my next trip. It will be to volunteer. I want to stay a whole month.

Israel, a place I call home.

But it's good to be home here as well!

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