Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peg's Poly Play Day

My good friend, Peg Harper, came to play yesterday.  We always have the best time ever.  I had told her I wanted to make pendants to gift to friends in Israel.  Peg always has the most wonderful ideas!!!  We used Kato clay that Peg had conditioned and added leafing to, so it's all blingie and beautiful.  Then we added swarovski crystals and covered with a layer of Envirotex lite.  The Envirotex takes 72hours to cure, but after 12 hours, you can start to photo them....just not assemble them into pendants.  I am so delighted with the results....I'm photoing 12 hours later!  

Peg designed all 4 of these - aren't they gorgeous???

These blanks came from The Bally Bead Company

The blanks are base metal, silver.  Peg painted the backgrounds with Viva inks.  The inks don't burn off when you bake the clay.  We used liquid Kato to adhere the clay to the blanks.

 My blogger pal, Shari Wallace, turned me on to these blanks.  I just love blogging.  I meet the most wonderful people ever!

So Ruth, what do you think about using Kato Clay for our pre-UTM project???  I know - who's thinking that far ahead?  ha ha!

You can see all the tiny crystals embedded in this last one.  Just so much fun.  These are intended to be worn as a pendant....but I think they could be used as decorative items as well.  I may cut the top loop off one and adhere it to a journal!

Stay tuned the next few days as I post different designs - not all are Judaica.  I just started with the best!  Peg Harper - Kato Clay artist extraordinare!!!  Thanks Peg for such a fun day!!!

PS.  Today, Tuesday, 1 day before I turn 59.  I am trying my darnest to stay positive about this....but ONE year away from SIXTY?????  I don't feel it.  I don't think I act it (most days).  I don't want it.  So I've been throwing a little temper tantrum this week.  Kerry is just laughing so hard - he's a whole 2  1/2 years younger than I am.  I just tell myself that I act 10 years younger than he does!  Age is not a number, it's a state of mind.  Can I simply say I'm turning 39 tomorrow?  It would make me so much happier!  LOLOL!!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jen! What is age? If we start acting our age we will get old and that isn't any fun. Have a great day!


Neet said...

Belated birthday greetings. Love the pendants - must try that ink on the pc. Thanks!