Monday, September 20, 2010

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail....

can keep us from having our Staving Artist's Sale!!! LOLOL!!! OK, so it was 90 degrees here on Friday and 90 degrees here on Sunday...BUT ON SATURDAY.....the day of our sale, it was 60 degrees and misting and spitting and sprinkling.....all day long. UNTIL EXACTLY 3 pm when we closed....and that's when the sun came out. I just stood there and laughed!!!

We pulled the kerosun space heater out and Chari dressed up like a scrappin scoutmaster. We sat around the "campfire" and hummed KumBayYa!

There were 4 canopies in the driveway and we really did not drop the yellow rope until 8 am. Yes, someone tried to sneak under it and we just shooed them back out!

and we named each one of them. Here's Judy's Joint:

and Susan's stockpile:

Jen's Jungle:

Kathy's Korner

Chari's Cache

and Peg's Playhouse

Everyone said they had a wonderful time. It started out just like a reunion and just grew as the day went on. I learned that bad weather will not keep crafter's from a sale! Some guy walked through and said he had never seen so much craft stuff in his entire life - we all decided that he was not married to a crafter! We heard one guy tell his wife as he dropped her off at the driveway, "you have 10 minutes" - I think we all gasped in unison! LOLOL!!!

Someone drove from Leadville (that's about 5 hours from here!) Our fellow Basement Baber - Kathleen - made it up from Colorado Springs to surprise us all! We had 2 shoppers who are both going on the Tim Holtz cruise next week that connected and met for the first time and that was quite fun to see their excitement over meeting. And I met neighbors that I didn't know.

Lot's of you asked if I was going to teach more classes. Yes. And I realized that my business card doesn't have my new email on it - it's jlowe54 at gmail dot com - so just send me a note and I'll add you to my class email list. We do keep a calendar at our Playshops blog.

So, everyone is asking, "how was the sale?" For me, personally, it was fabulous. I sold a ton of stuff, gave away a ton of stuff, made some really great deals....and still have enough stuff to open a store! LOL!!! The best deal was a non-profit entity that came by at 3 pm and bought all 6 of my 6' banquet tables for $125. order for them to take them, they stayed and helped me unload everything over to the single car stall so Kerry could get his Camaro back into the garage that night. It was a total win-win for all of us!

My heartfelt thanks to Kathy, Susan, Judy, Peg, Chari and Karen for all their help in setting up, tearing down, and playing along for the event!

Bottom line - it doesn't matter what event the Starving Artists plan for the fall - it's going to snow, rain, drizzle, turn cold.....but it doesn't put a damper on a thing - we still just laugh and play.

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Neet said...

Oh Jen, this looks as if it was fun fun fun! Congratulations on your proceeds - wish I could have been there.