Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Journaling Jen

I truly love making journals and decorating journals. I think of everything that I do....this is what I love to do the most. Well, ok, maybe at least just for today! LOL!!! My little Starving Artist's group and the Basement Babes are hosting an art show & sale on 9/18. So I decided to make up some brand new journals to put in the show. Seems I have used every single one I have ever made! Hmmmm.....

This one is my favorite. It's really thick. Lined paper. Just for journaling:

# 1 Sold already!!!
I couldn't get this one to photo, but that border is metallic gold, so it really pops. I think that's what I like - when I travel, I always take a journal. It's a conversation starter. People will walk up and ask me where I found the journal and I tell them that I made it and it almost always starts an entire conversation on art!

#2 - $10.00

This is small, will fit in the palm of your hand. I like small "palm" journals. They fit inside anything - great for making quick notes.

#3 - $10.00

And since I love to travel from the mountains to the makes sense that I would incorporate water/beach themes into so many of my travel journals.

# 4 - $15.00 - SOLD!

I will bag all these and then put prices on them. And yes, I can sell them before the show if there's one you really want! Just email me for a price. Nothing over $20, that's for sure!

This one is simple. Flat. No dimension to it. But sometimes - I need to travel with flat stuff!

#5 - $7.00

I especially love it when the security guys at the check in pull out my journals and double check them as if they really were a weapon. Makes me smile every time they do it! This last one has triple thick embellishments on it, so lots of dimension. Nothing flat about it!

#6 - Sold!

And then you ask yourself, well, I need something simple.....I'm not traveling, but I'd love a journal. OK, hang on. I'll try to get those up tomorrow!

I have been journaling for several years now and it's a good thing! I tend to forget things quite rapidly these days. But sitting in the chair, reading through old is always such a delight and brings back such wonderful memories of past trips.

Everyone needs a journal! Just remember to put something in it when you get it!

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