Thursday, August 26, 2010

The traveling evangelist

When we were kids, there was always a traveling evangelist at our church. We had revivals all the time. 7 nights a week! Kept me off the streets and out of trouble! LOL!

One night, the preacher told us to put our Bibles in our hands, close our eyes, open the Bible to any page and put our finger on the page. Then we opened our eyes, and wherever our finger was.....that was our "life" verse.

Of course, I wrote it in the front of that Bible, and my next Bible (can you believe that I have only owned 3 Bibles in my entire life?)

The verse:

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings of eagles.

Isaiah 40:31

I could not have picked a better verse for myself had I searched the entire Bible. And I have learned that when I truly wait upon the Lord, my strength is renewed moment by moment, and my life soars like an eagles's wings!

So when I found these stamp sets...I had to buy them!

This first card was created by using 1/8" masking tape to design the star, watercolor paints applied, then the stamped verse.

I love the "surprise" you get when you pull the tape off!

For this one, I laid down 4 pieces of tape, then painted, dried, stamped and removed the tape:

I painted the background first, then stamped over it. Be sure to use stazon ink for this process.

This next card was done using watercolor pencils on watercolor paper, then I used plain water on a paintbrush to bleed out the colors.
For this one, I stamped first, then painted.

In this one, you can see that I "added" a row of trees in the far background.

Now, go back and look at the deer again. In some, there is a fawn laying on the ground, in others, I've painted it out. See what other "changes" you can find in the river, rocks and trees. Sort of fun!!!

Most stamps are by "Our Daily Bread Designs".

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Ginni said...

These are also four of my favorite verses. Psalm 42:1, "Like the deer........." has also been made into a beautiful hymn, not only the words, but the tune itself.