Sunday, September 13, 2009

More alcohol ink on Friendly Plastic

Peg and I agreed we could sit and do this forever. Not just fun - but I think a bit of some kind of therapy involved here. So we wanted to show you the different looks you can get with the same stamp, same Friendly plastic - just using different colors and inking techniques. I used silver on this.....

And Peg used gold on hers....

How do you decide which one you like the best? LOL!
This next one is a much lighter impression - and I like it just as well

And these 2 are really deep impressions - with different inking techniques (above and below)
But all of these simply used alcohol inks, blending solution, 91% alcohol, stamps, and white Friendly Plastic strips.

And at $1.99 per strip - it really is cheaper than therapy!!!

OK, just one more night of ideas tomorrow and then on to something else!


Davinia said...

They are really amazing. I've been following the last few posts and it's incredible the different looks that can be achieved. I've got everything except the friendly plastic. Might have to go and buy me some of that! thanks for sharing all your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Jen these look great. Nobody would know they were made from FP, they could be ceramic. What are you going to turn them in to?