Monday, September 14, 2009

Even more Alcohol Ink on Friendly Plastic

Well, like I's hard to quit! And just so much fun!!! For this one, I inked a flat piece of white Friendly Plastic, then put a rubon on top of it, covered it with a fragment and silver tape around the edges. I will be busy all week making pendants out of these!

This is a Tim Holtz stamp - with just a light impression into the Friendly Plastic. Drenched it with blending solution and dropped the ink on and just let it ooze over the impressions. I will have to do some more of these. His collage stamps are going to be perfect!

This was just a flat piece of Friendly Plastic and I used a fine tip #00 brush to drag the ink through 91% rubbing alcohol. I really do like this technique. So easy to do and you get a different design with every single stroke.

Same background technique here, a rubon on the top. But then I painted pearl AI down one side of each petal and painted Pitch Black AI in the center of each petal.

I really think we have only touched the surface of what you can do with Friendly Plastic and alcohol inks. I want to add metal flakes to this, use more Opals, try out different techniques. The ideas are just endless. But I have to wait for Peg to get back over here - this is going to be "our" thing - experimenting on these little 1 1/2" tiles. And in between experiments - I need to work on bezels so I can turn all of these into pendants!

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WendyK said...

These are really effective, love the look of them