Friday, September 11, 2009

Friendly Plastic cleans stazon ink off stamps!!!

Peg and I were playing with Friendly Plastic today. I have numerous red rubber stamps with tons of stazon ink on them.....and no matter how much cleaner or what kind of cleaner I use....the ink won't come off. But here's something for you to try.....

Cut a square of white Friendly Plastic, put is on a silpat sheet on the baking pan and heat at 180 degrees until it is soft. While still on the griddle, press your stamp deep into the plastic and let it set for 1 minute. Then take the entire pan and dip it down into cold water for 5 minutes.

Remove from the water and pull the stamp off the plastic. The stazon will transfer to the plastic and your stamp will come out exactly like it was brand new.....not a trace of ink!!! I did part of this stamp in plastic so you can see the difference:

So, with the ink in the plastic, you have a great opportunity to take alcohol inks and use them as paint. For this one, I simply put a dot of ink on my non-stick craft sheet, then using a tiny round #00 brush, I painted it directly on the plastic on the image. Let that dry. Then using 91% rubbing alcohol, paint the edges around the image and immediately add little drops of alcohol ink and watch them run. Use your paint brush to pull the ink through the alcohol and get some wonderful designs. I then covered this piece with one of Tim Holtz fragments and wrapped the edges with silver tape. It's ready now for me to turn into a pendant!

Did the very same techniques for this cute little princess stamp. Oh, I used the new "Brights" AIs.

And I LOVE how this one turned out. We are just doing little 1 1/2" squares of white Friendly Plastic for these. I used a Brush20 for my 91% rubbing alcohol and let it drizzle over the plastic. And I did press the stamp quite deep as I wanted depth for this piece....but you can get some equally great looks with a faint impression.

Check back tomorrow night for even more pieces. A whole day of just experimenting with Peg - I think it's going to be an addicition I have to keep!

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Sheila said...

Jen, Those are beautiful. I love the Betty Boopo type one - AWESOME!!!!!