Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eleven years ago.....

that's when Kerry and I met. I was cleaning out stuff in the basement today and came across these goodness....have we changed!!!

That pic was probably taken a couple of months after we met - he would do anything, even wear a cowboy hat! And here's my sis and her hubby on the same day. We must have been in our "cowboy" phase!

I counted that I have about 12,000 photos on CD, DVD and hard drives. And then everything I took before I went digital. Absolutely no plans to scrap even 10% of them! But I do think I will start looking through them, pull out the ones I like the best and start to write the storeis...before I forget them.

It would go something like this:

Eleven years later, I look at these photos and can still remember the fun of taking him up to my sister's house for the holidays. I had just had the first of 2 major surgeries, a year apart, and was quite weak. He was so caring. I knew it was love before I knew I loved him. How fun to have grown the past 11 years with him, taking off our cowboy hats, putting on travel caps, seeing the world together, becoming an artist, learning how to not work in an office every day, learning how to stay at home with him in the house all day long. A huge adventure. A grande journey. A million stories that need to be written down before I forget them.

What the heck! If I forget them....I'll just make up something better! LOL!!!

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