Friday, August 7, 2009

Number 150!!!

Yes....I have now had 150 pieces published in magazines and books! And that doesn't count ads or catalogs (sure wish I had kept track of them as well!!!)

Imagine that!!! 150 layouts, cards, pieces of jewelry, altered art....published!

Almost impossible for me to comprehend. Never would have thought it was possible! Karla, if you are reading this....I know...we grew in Perkinsville - who would have thought it? LOL!

My latest publication is in Somerset Home - just out.

It's my "mobile home" for birds and it's on page 24. I really need to submit more....but I'm having way too much fun just playing! You can find the magazine at Borders or online at stampington

I am so honored that so many magazines and books have felt my art was worthy of being published. Now....I just need to write a book, huh? Well, maybe that will be my goal for 2010.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad for your many publications (and especially for this latest one because I gave you the name--LOL). I am in awe of your abilities and accomplishments.