Sunday, August 30, 2009

A metal clay pajama party?

Yesterday, we had our Art Clay Society meeting in Canon City and it was "pajama day". Well - I don't know about you, but I do some of my best work in my jammies!

And yes.....not everyone wore them - but we sure had fun!!!

we were experimenting with some lead-based enamels that are probably from the 70s. So we all brought "junk" silver - pieces that had flaws or flops in them. I "inherited" these enamels and had no clue if they would even work or not

Sherry Stone was our hostess in her lovely store: Paper Silver Stone and let me tell you, she pulled out the stops with "breakfast in bed" all day long!!!

fresh fruit, cheeese and crackers, loads of carbs and sugar to keep us pumped up all day long! Now usually, our meetings are just a few hours....but today was a total free play day. OK, can you imagine? FREE enamels???

so it was an endless supply of food and enamels! What more could a girl want???

Here's my first piece ready for the kiln. I'll post the results tomorrow. On the original silver, her hair hadn't been stamped deep enough and I wanted to "fix" that problem.

Because these enamels are from the 70s, and lead based, everyone wore face masks. We experimented a lot on copper so that we didn't really care if we ruined our pieces or not. And with these older enamels, you just never know if the color will hold true....or if it will all come out brown.

So, stay tuned for our results. But I can report here - we had a blast!!!

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