Monday, August 31, 2009

enameling on silver and copper

Well.....not everything in life is a huge success. Her lips came out black, not red. The pupils of her eyes slid. But I like what it did for the hair problem. Now to see if I can "fix" the errors!

So, on the copper, we painted scalex where we didn't put enamels. Since this was our first attempt - I have way more scalex than enamel.

and we didn't bother to counterenamel any of this. But what a glorious surprise when we took the copper out of the kiln. Don't know if you can see, but the scalex peeled rigtht off and left the most wonderful pink/peach pearlized surface you can imagine - absolutely gorgeous!

Maybe this one shows it better:

I learned that I like transluscent enamels on pieces - not real fond of opaque, but can see their uses as well.

Rhonda took the time to completely enamel an embossed, diecut piece of copper and it turned out wonderful!

So tomorrow, I'll share more successes and failures. I am now completely convinced that you can read all the books you want, take all the classes you want, re-read all your notes....and the best way to learn something is still to just do it!

I'm happy to report that a fun time was had by all! And I think we all learned something "new" while spending a day playing in our jammies!!!

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