Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's official! I'm certified!

OK, I've just received my senior certification in Art Clay Silver. I knew it was approved....but it came today!!!

So, does that mean I can add ACSSI behing my name? I'm going to bet that MBA still trumps that! LOL!!! Thought I'd share my pieces. My pendant has a turquoise stone set in her - called "The Child in Me" which I thought was appropriate. You know - we have to "name" our art as we give "birth" to each project!

For the longest time, I thought I'd never make another ring after this one. For me, this was the most difficult piece. It's a calli lillie bud. I probably should have tried for something with a round stone - would have been a little easier! But I love the end result on this piece.

And while this was not the easiest piece....it was the most fun to work on! A dress form (simple enough) with the skirt made using a syringe filled with metal clay over cork clay that burnt off in the kiln. The skirt is front and back and connected on the bottom where the crystal dangle. It's a pin.

So what does this mean - because I've been teaching metal clay classes all along. Now I can certify others to teach. And it seems like people are lining up right and left...I just need more days in my calendar to schedule you all in!!!

I still contend that the best thing any of us can do in this economy is to load up on classes. I finished my glass class today and can pick up my pieces on Thursday night. So while I teach.....I'm taking classes as well! It's a well balanced life at the moment!

If you are interested in getting certified in metal clay (fine silver) or if you are just interested in a beginning level or introductory class, check out my class website here:

Just scroll across the top section to click on all the different classes that I offer. No dates scheduled....but I can probably design a class any time you want! I'll go back and add a First Level and Senior Level Certification course to these in the near future! Now, while the classes are in my studio in Colorado, I do have a guest bedroom and am more than happy to have you stay here while taking classes! Can't get much easier than that!


liszha said...

Oh, I love your work. The dress is so lovely!
I heard about this silver clay and have been looking for classes in the Netherlands but couldn't find one near home.
Your work though is abfab!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

thanks! Try this website: