Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show samples for sale

I promised that I'd put some of my pieces up for sale and I'm going to start with these. Edie....this is for you!

Edie doesn't have a kiln and doesn't see one in her immediate she asked if she could buy some "charms" already made up. These are paper type metal clay, diecut and embossed, or punched, fired, and have had a preliminary polish. So they are all .999 fine silver. You will need to back most of them with another medium as they are paper thin and will bend.

If you are interested in prices, just email me the name or number and I'll get back to you. Understand that a 3" x 3" sheet of paper type retails for $ most of these run $20 - $30. If they are backed with clay, they will be a little more. These are great for pendants, jewelry, friendly plastic and a whole lot of other mediums!

Edie - you get first pick!!!

1. Mardigras masks

2. Heart Medallion

3. Dancing face. This is the back medallion, a punched dancer on top with a punched flower and leaf. All have been fired together as a single piece.

4. Cupcake

5. Flourish

6. Heart
7. Mask 1. Background mask with layered flowers and leaves all fired together as a single piece.

8. Angel (one of my favorites!)

9. Seashell

10. Star of David

11. Flur de lies

12. paisley flower

13. dog (I know I have a cat somewhere! must go find it!)

14. Mask 2. This is a different mask layered with flowers on both sides. Fired as a single piece. Chain has been added (sterling silver chain)

15. Eagle

16. Swans

17. Butterfly. This piece has been backed with a layer of metal clay, so it is ready to use as a stand-alone piece.

18. geckos. You can buy both right and left, or you can buy just the left facing one - as many as you want, I have several of these.

19. Butterfly 2. This one has also been backed with a layer of metal clay.

20. Art

Now, if you don't like any of these, let me know what you'd like to see. I have hundreds of dies and punches and can probably put anything together. It's definitely cheaper than investing in a kiln. And if you own a kiln, but don't own all the diecut systems...this is still a great way to get what you want!


Anonymous said...

Number 15 is technically a thunderbird. All the pieces are gorgeous and I want one of each. LOL If only I could afford them.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

well, we should all know by now that I'm anything but technical! LOLOL! Thanks!