Friday, July 3, 2009

When an LSS gets a "big head" about themselves (update with apology)

It is just so sad. Today, I received an email from The Scrap & Stamp Station located in Denver at 120th and Washington. She wrote

"As of July, the Scrap & Stamp STation, LLC will be the last independent scrapbooking & stamping store in the Denver Metro area. If you really like shopping an independ store (wherever that may be), please shop your local scrapbook and stamp stores first."

I immediately sent her an email and let her know that Album Memories is still in business.

No response back. No correction in a mass email. Nothing.

So I decided to blog for the truth today!!!

Album Memories is a WONDERFUL store and if you are in northern Colorado, I highly recommend you visit Maria! I believe she is the largest seller of Sizzix dies in the US. And she has tons of stickers, paper, embellishments AND that would make her an independent scrapbooking & stamping store.

She offers 30% - 40% off Sizzix retail, sure to get on her mailing list. And she is at the Colorado shows in August as well as a few others around the region. She also has quickutz, Spellbinders and I'm gonna get her to carry Bosskut yet!!

She's been open since 1997. Located at 6500 E 64th Av in Commerce City....she's real close to I-270 and Vasquez. Just go north to 64th and then east to her store. But you can order from her website and she will ship it to you!

So there. Denver still has at least 2 scrapping and stamping stores remaining open, but you best believe after today's email, there is only ONE that I will be going to! Album Memories!!! Because I know that even if it was the last LSS open, they would never send out an email advertising it! Maria is the most fun, generous and kind person I know. She does scrapping charity events for her daughter's school, will go out of her way to track down whatever you need and get it to you and truly supports the entire art community in northern Colorado.

Check out what's new here - she's got the electric big shot marked down to $118.99!!!

If you haven't been to see her, check out her store hours on the web and then head on over! Tell her JLo sent you - she'll giggle!

And to the owner of the Stamp & Scrap Station. As far as I'm concerned the moment you learned that you had made a mistake you should have sent out an email with a huge apology to Album Memories. Because you did not take the opportunity to do that, I will correct your mistake for you here.

On July 5th, a group email was sent out with the following:

"The following paragraphs are corrections to the July 2009 Newsletter that went out on July 2, 2009. I apologize for any inconvenience or distress this has caused anyone.

I know that you have choies on where to shop and take classes for Scrapbooking and Stamping and I thank you from the bottom of my heart fro choosing The Scrap & Stamp Station, LLC. As of July, The Scrap & Stamp Station, LLC will be one of the last independent scrapbooking & stamping stores in the DEnver Metro area along with Album Memories in Commerce City. You can find Album Memories at 6500 E 64th Av, Commerce City CO 80022. Their phone number is 303-288-5222. Their hours are from 10 am - 2 pm Tuesday - Friday and 11 am - 4 pm on Saturdays. Their website is If you really like shopping an independent store (wherever that may be), please shop your local scrapbook and stamp stores first."

and I say "well done" to the owner of S&S.


Ruth Philps said...

Way to go!! We have 4 in my town and with a bit more co-operation between them they could all stock different products...even better for the customer I say!!
I refuse to buy over the net and only support my LSS but it does get very frustrating at times but at least they remain down to earth and honest the day they become big headed I'm out of there!!

Aimee said...

You go, girl!!