Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sabbath Ready

She's sewing up a storm this evening, making something new to wear to Sabbath.

She has the candles ready to light. She knows there will be dancing and singing and praising Jehovah. (click to make the image larger)

While not Jewish, she is grafted in like the branch of an olive tree.

Although she's been to Paris, seen the Eiffel tower, and traveled far and wide....her heart belongs to Israel, today, tomorrow and forever.

Let your art tell the story that is in your heart!

Sabbath Ready - that's me!

The 2 dressforms, the dancing girl, the butterfly and dove are all paper type metal clay. Everything else is mixed metals, charms and jewelry bits and pieces. Stamps by B-Line Designs.

The piece measures 2" x 2" and can be worn as a pin or a pendant

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