Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life on the road.....

You have to understand that Sherry got here YESTERDAY at about 3 pm. It took less than 24 hours for us to turn a hotel room into a working studio/showroom/restaurant/retreat/show-prep-staging center!

So here's Sherry, on the floor, concentrating on design work:

OK, I am really starting to wonder how this design is going to turn out.....and if the stress has already gotten to her!!!

But I will confess, she seems totally dedicated to getting her project done tonight!

It's sort of drop-n-go style here. I'm doing seminars on diecutting & quilling....then an open workshop table tonight....then a photography seminar tomorrow followed by a second diecutting & quilling session. So I have to unpack and repack between each session....and then drag stuff about a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the conference center. This is the packing area:
We literally do not have time to go out to we've set up our own restaurant on the desk:

This is the area that is packed and ready to go for the next event:

Sherry says our bathroom is a mess. I think it's pretty good for a couple of women who just have a moment between events!

But I have no idea how she is going to get to bed tonight. I imagine she is just going to take her arm and sweep it all off onto the floor.
But I should mention that neither of us have had the time to pick up the newspaper they put under the door. I wonder how tall this pile will grow!

Finally, you must meet Nigel and Fontaine. Our official room mascots!

Now, doesn't that make you wonder what kind of "monkey business" we are going to be into next? LOLOL!!!

Today was great! The DVD's are selling like hotcakes! Kerry is going to have to burn a few more when I get home! And I'm definitely going to move forward and do one on dichroic glass.

So here I am, once again, back to my late night blogging. 11:20 pm. Time to hit the sack...if we can get it all cleaned off!!!

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