Friday, July 17, 2009

Aluminum Clay?????

Have you heard about the all new aluminum clay? I had not heard about it until this conference and just had to know!

The answer is here!

Oh! How I laughed! But then.....Alan Revere got up and gave a talk and had all of us make rings out of a piece of aluminum foil......and I actually thought the rumor might be true and Pam doesn't have a clue!!!

I mean, really? Aluminum foil rings?

the whole idea was to see what you could create with a piece of foil, gold on one side, silver on the other.

and I think some of these turned out rather festive!

It was the energy in the room - the creative spirit - the laughter.....that made it work. I doubt it would have mattered what we were given to design was pure fun!

Imagine a couple hundred jewerly artists in one room....creating at the same moment....being inspired by a guy who founded his own jewelry institute.....I tell you...I'm ready to go home and create for the next month solid!

But not quite....I'll be on the road to Indiana tomorrow afternoon.....trying to make it to a birthday party and Aunt Marilyn's house!

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