Monday, July 13, 2009

Announcing the birth of.....

my newest "baby"! Well, it feels like it. I've been talking about doing this forever.....and it is finally!!!


I've produced my first DVD and I hope it is just the first of many to come! Well, ok, Kerry produced it! But I really feel like we co-parented our way through this.

Simply called "Art Clay Silver Paper Type Tutorials".

There are SIXTEEN tutorials! I'll bet you didn't know there was that much to do with paper type metal clay! And I only touched the surface!

It's actually pretty professional with chapter segments, background music...the works! Kerry did a great job.

So what's included? Well, it's over 1 1/2 hour long! (Remember, this is for those who want to learn how to use paper type metal clay....but I show a lot of things to do with diecuts.)

1. Using pewter
2. Spellbinder's wizard
3. Punches & Scraps
4. Revolution by Quickutz
5. Sizzix by Ellison (Big Shot)
6. Cuttlebug by Provo Craft
7. Erasing mistakes
8. Metal Repousse Tools
9. Stamping & Etching
10. Use any image to design with
11. The 1/2 sheet challenge
12. Quilling paper type
13. Pasting paper type
14. Pasting quilled pieces
15. Turning paper to clay
16. Make your own Mold
17. Samples

The tutorials come up 6 at a time and a 10 second clip starts to play so you can see what the clip is and just click where you wan tto go. You can also pop up the slider bar at the bottom (depending on what software you use on your laptop to view the DVD with) and fast forward through the entire thing in just a few seconds.

Where is it available? Well, for right now, right here! I'm taking orders and we will ship the first week of August. Kerry is burning 50 copies for me to take to the Metal Clay World Conference next week.

Price? $25 retail, $12.50 wholesale with a minimum order of 5 DVDs. Add shipping, of course.

Does it work in Europe? It is NTSC format, so we don't know if it's going to work in Europe. Kerry thinks he can produce it using PAL format - who wants to be first?

If you are taking my pre-conference workshop at get a free copy.....without music! LOL!!! Well, hey! It's free!!!

And I must give credit to Susan Mostek for editing the entire thing for us....and to Colleen Lee for letting me use her art in the video.

So what will our next "child" be?

I'm going to produce a DVD in August that will cover fusing paper type metal clay inside layers of dichroic glass, how to do the watercolor painting on copper, and if there's room, I'll show you how to etch on copper.

I'm just so proud of us....our first "child"! LOL!!!

update: Totally sold out at MCWC! Making more next week!


Margie Higuchi said...

This is super, Jen!
Hope you get lots of orders!
Did you get my was awhile back but haven't heard from you so I thought I'd post here...can't make it tomorrow for dinner...not only have guests but my oldest DS' orientation is that night! UGH! Will PM ya :0)
MargieH in Chicago

Ginni said...

Definitely put me on the list for ordering this!! Thanks!

jude said...

Good luck with your new baby
wishing you every sucess
hugs judex

Rose said...

Jen I just had to volunteer to be your European tester. LOL. Congratulations and Good Luck to you both.