Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a weekend!

Tonight, I'm going to post a whole lot more of what we made last Saturday at our Friendly Plastic party. But I have to get you caught up on life. Kerry's 95 year old grandma passed away last Friday morning. She had lived a really good, long life and it was time. While there will be no funeral, he needed to join his brother and journey "home" to be with his parents and help them sort through the paperwork and such. He left yesterday and arrived in Kingman this afternoon. He took our dogs with him as he doesn't know how long he is going to stay. I must say, I am enjoying the quiet here.

So while I have been posting results of our Friendly Plastic play day, I've been busy working with metal clay for the upcoming conference. And sending out invitations to reunions that I'm planning while I'm back home in Indiana.

And I'm going to go visit Amaco while I'm there! Yeah!!! So here are a few more of our projects. I love the colors in this bangle:

Jodi turned some alcohol ink into flowers. Isn't this wonderful? All done on a white strip.

I believe you would have to admit this is a perfect bracelet!!!

One of the pendents that everyone got. Love how this one turned out. The bling on the edges just makes the FP pop!

Is this just gorgous? I'm sure it's going to be another bracelet.

Another nice pendant

Love the colors in this splash technique:

And this - oh my! verigated colors on 3D petals. Now how'd she do that???

That last one sure looks like polymer clay, but it's Friendly Plastic. I think we're creating some master artists out here in Colorado! We had so much fun......and so much product, that we decided in our August meeting we're going to play with it all over again - but on that playday, we're going to mix it up with After Midnight's opal embossing powders. I can hardly wait to play!!!

Oh, why are we waiting til August? Cause June & July are already filled with other projects we are excited to play with!!!

Don't you wish you lived here??? LOL!!! OK, stay tuned - tomorrow night - the masterpieces!!!


Ginni said...

I'm sure glad I get to be there for August!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so how far are u from Grand Junction, i could kill 2 birds with one stone,, Off for Utah in the morning,,

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Dear Anonymous. Utah is definitely the WRONG way! LOLOL!!! I am just under 5 hours from you - depending on that I-70 traffic, of course! Email me about the August playdays if you are interested in Friendly Plastic!

I'd really like to see someone kill 2 birds with 1 stone - but really, it won't be necessairy! LOL!!!