Monday, June 15, 2009

Friendly Plastic Cutter Fusion

First, I need to answer questions:

Where can I buy Friendly Plastic? Amaco, Ben Franklin, Hobby Lobby
Where can I buy electric griddles and skillets : Kohls - and they had a full size griddle in the store yesterday that was on sale for $19.99!!!
Where can I buy silpat sheets: I found silicone baking sheets at Kohls as well.

I had not been to Kohl's in years - went yesterday. Really surprised at the great selection of silicone baking sheets!

If you live in northern Colorado, then McGuckin's in Boulder has it all. And their large griddle is only $19.99 - if they still have any in stock!!! OK, I'm editing this. McGuckin's has it all except the FP strips! They have pellets, skillets, griddles and silpat. The pellets are in the "art" aisle, next to the polymer clay. They had 5 jars a couple of weeks ago. I'll be they wonder what the "run" on friendly plastic is!!!

And if you live here, Hobby Lobby has all the strips - but I haven't seen pellets there yet. At the Louisville store, the strips are all the way to the far back, far right on the inside wall.

Finally, I have found that if you google the item you are looking for and click on "images" or "shopping" - you can usually find it a whole lot faster!!! Be sure to click "low to high" in the drop down menu once google does it's search.


It should be against the law to have as much fun as we did at our Friendly Plastic party!!! I call this technique cutter fusion. You cut the plastic out with cutters. You can use cookie cutters, klay kutters, make your own cutters.....anything you want. Here you can see how you can then lay different colors back into the cut-outs and layer other cuts on top of them

You can take your cut-outs and lay them on top of painted plastic, heat it all up and fuse them back together to make wonderful designs:

This one hadn't quite melted when I snapped the photo:

On this one, the pieces had just been laid together.

Here's a triple layer one being fused together

I think these are just gorgeous - and so simple and easy to create!

And one of them became the focal point for another bracelet

With Jana Ewy's Fracture 'n Fusion technique for the back of it.

Now, tell me, how can you not just absolutely love this stuff! Are you ready for more? I'm at 48 hours drying my stay tuned!!! Can't finish mine until it has set for 72hours.

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