Friday, June 5, 2009

More charms

I finished up 25 more charms today! WOW!!!

Each one is still different - so easy to do.

And then I started my necklace - sterling silver looped chain - I truly love this!

Here's a close-up, I will have to come up with a large center focal bead. Have it almost done!

And you think this is all I did today? HA! I walked for half an hour (must start exercising again), went to the movies and saw "My Life in Ruins" - cute flick! Went next door and visited with the neighbors, fixed lunch and went out for Hibachi for dinner. Just imagine what I could accomplish in a day if I didn't do all the other stuff! It's not even 8 pm off to finish a graduation card for a party tomorrow!


Debby said...

Ah Jen these are gorgeous!

Tamara said...

amazing...just beautiful.

Hetty said...

Beautiful necklace!!