Saturday, June 6, 2009

Live near Chicago? Want to learn metal clay?

Well, you have a rare opportunity coming up in July!!! The Metal Clay World Conference is going to be held at the Hilton Chicago Indian Lakes Resort.

The pre-conference classes are all listed here and I'm the 6th one down - "Die Cutting and Quilling with Paper Type Clay" on Tuesday, July 14.

These fish are die cut and embossed - in case you are wondering just what that is:

This little doll has quilled flowers on her:

This is probably not the typical pre-conference workshop for this type of conference. First up, we're going to raffle off a brand new Revolution Die Cut machine (retail value $139) to only those who attend this workshop! Odds of winning are pretty amazing!!!

In the class description, it says that you will get a 3" square sheet of rolled pewter. Well, I've managed to get an entire roll for each student donated from Amaco for this workshop!!! That's a sheet that's 9 1/4" x 12"!!! Now why is this important? Because of the high cost of paper type clay, we make our prototypes out of pewter. And now that we have so much to play with....well, I can't wait to see the awesome designs out of this workshop!!!

Amaco has a whole lot of tools that I'll be bringing for you to try out. I'll also have a ton of Spellbinders dies, Sizzix, Quickutz and Cuttlebug embossing folders. I've got a new quilling tool from Paper Silver Stone owned by Sherry Stone.

And finally, while we don't have the time to fuse diecut metal clay inside layered dichroic glass.....I'm going to give you a tutorial so you can try it at home. Only those taking this pre-conference workshop will receive this as part of their class fee. It will be available for purchase at my Open Table to others.

Oh, Open open period where you can come chat with me and pick my brain and ask me questions! Mine is Table 3, Thursday evening 7 - 9 pm.

The actual conference schedule is posted here. and you can see that I'm doing a 1 hour seminar on Die Cutting & Quilling on July 16 from 3:00 - 4:00 pm, and again on Friday from 4:30 - 5:30 pm.

Don't worry about not being able to see me - I'm bringing my video camera and we will hook it up direct to the overhead projector so no matter where you sit, you can see exactly what I'm doing!!! Who needs a powerpoint presentation when you have a live camera!!!

I'll also be showing you some tricks to photographing your art on Friday from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. I'm a little worried - I just don't know how I can cram everything into a 1 hour seminar....but here's what I'm going to do......make you a DVD with all my tips and hints for you to take home!!!

This is a diecut/embossed butterfly on a wood bracelet:
The rose oval was diecut and embossed:

This is a larger rose diecut, embossed, then faux enameled with mixed media materials that are baked in an oven.  Pretty cool, huh?

To make the palm tree, I embossed paper type metal clay and then cut it out.  You can fire it directly to most coins:

Tiny little diecuts around a rope chain fired to this coin:

Here, the diecuts were adhered directly to the front of the coin:

More punched flowers on this coin - Kerry and I travel quite a bit and we always tend to come home with a bunch of foreign coins that we can't use here.  Well - I think this is a great use for them!!!  Coin jewelry.  What better mix than money and .999 fine silver!!!

A truly mixed media piece.  Art Clay silver stamped on the background (I will have this stamp with me!!!)  And then quilling done down the side.  Faux rhinestones adhered to make the pendant.  Truly fun when you are willing to mix mediums and metals and play with everything!

This embossed heart has rose quilled hearts at the bottom:

Diecut mask layered with punches - less than the size of a quarter!

My DVD will have a tutorial on this box - it's only 3/4" wide and .999 fine silver - made from a partial sheet of paper type art clay silver.  

Another diecut mask with layered punch work:

The kimono is made from a sheet of paper type, and then adorned with punches and diecuts:

A rolled piece of silver, stamped into, then wire wrapped and quilling work on top:

Layered dichroic glass with ACS punch art fused into the top:

An example of diecutting then layering with punch art:

The Gekko was diecut and embosed, then fused over dichroic glass, under clear dichroic.  

Unfired paper type silver - diecut and embossed:

Diecut and embossed paper type silver on turquoise:

And my charm swap necklace with diecut paper type and punched paper type adorned to turquoise and jasper stones.

I think you can start to see the unlimited possibilities that paper type Art Clay Silver provides for us.  Diecut, emboss, quill, punch, fold into origami designs.  I can't begin to show you how to do everything in this one-day pre-conference workshop....but we will get a great start!  I am providing 1/2 sheet of paper type and you will be amazed at how many diecuts and punches you can get out of that. If you want to back your work on silver, I suggest you roll out and fire small round, square and/or oval pieces of Art Silver Clay.  I will be bringing stones, tiles, beads and more for you to play with as well.  If you sign up for this workshop, you will receive an email from me around July 1.  I just wanted to get as much here so you can see all the fun posibilities this medium has to offer!!!

Hope to see you in Chicago in July!!!

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