Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to quill paper type metal clay

My day started bright and early. Do you ever hunt for things or sell things on craigs list? Some gal was up here from Las Vegas. She used to own a jewelry business and the photos in her ad looked like the stones in the photos below. I thought if I could buy them cheap enough, I would share them with my students at the Metal Clay World Conference. So we arranged to meet at 8:30 am this morning.

Wow! Did she make me some great deals! Not only did she have turquoise stones, she had polished sliced coral, glass stones, beads and more. And she gave them to me for $1 - $3 per STRAND! I tell you, I just have the best luck ever! Some of the strands had 30-40 beads....these larger stones had 20 stones per strand and she gave me those strands for $3.

She also gave me a brand new still in the package roll of Eclipse tape. I know for a fact it's $15.99 in the store and I got it for a buck! And an unused travel watercolor set of 16 paints....for $5. Plus, she had unopened packages of Joliee's swarovsky crystals for a buck a piece!

It was a very good morning! I proceeded to the Polymer Clay Guild meeting where I shared the address. Pretty funny - I think they all left at 12:30 to go find her!

I haven't really polished these yet, but look at the quilling on the stone on the right.

To make the little roses, simply punch a circle, any size, then cut it like a spiral and wrap it around a toothpick. To make the leaves, just cut the silver into strips and wrap it around a tooth pick. I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll add pre-punched circles and pre-cut strips to my class kits. We'll just call that a donation from "Jen Lowe Designs". And we are going to have lovely stones to back them with.

A few years ago, one of my friends gave me a ton of sterling silver wire, so I'm going to clean that up and add it to our class kits. Oh my! Aren't we going to just have the most fun???

You know, if you are taking my workshops, feel free to email me and let me know what punches you want me to bring as I can't possibly bring them all! Same for diecuts! See you all soon!!!


Ginni said...

I am getting more than psyched about this class! Have been looking at silver art clay materials in the Fire Mountain catalog and drooooooling! Could so get into this big time - providing I can get my rubber room to the point where I can find the top of my desk!!

Anonymous said...

I love the tiny diecuts, particularly Pooh, Piglet and Tigger. I envy those taking your workshops in Chicago--they are truly lucky to have you as an instructor. And, the stones--WOW!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

So should I make more with Pooh? LOL!

Rose said...

Hope you've saved some of your bargains for me!

Unknown said...

Brag...Brag...Brag....Are you trying to make me jump in the car and drive 12 hours to come see you??? It just may happen you know!