Sunday, June 28, 2009

Charmed pendants

Not only have I been working on charms, but I've designed some larger stones that I'm calling my "charmed pendants". The last photo will show you the difference in the size of the stones.

I like the idea of layering silver, stone and swarovsky with sterling silver wire.

I had to do the ducks....just for fun!

For awhile, I thought I would make something out of ever single diecut that I own. Oops! I've run out of time for that idea! But I do like layering punches over diecuts.

Who doesn't love Winnie-the-Pooh?

and butterflies and flowers....

I just love San I might have to do a few more that are beach themed:

That little turquoise stone on the right - that's the size of the charms I've been doing. So you can see, the pendants are quite a bit larger. This one is quilled roses. Not too bad!

I'm also busy making a video of just about everything you can do with paper type Art Clay Silver. Yep, it is homemade.....but who cares? I promise you will learn!!!

And for those who have asked.....yep, Kerry is still in Kingman!

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cathouse teri said...

This is some gorgeous stuff! I love it!