Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 5 - back to having fun!!!

Kerry woke up in excellent spirits today - totally recovered and ready to go. He wanted to rent a moped and go snorkeling, get cerviche, go shopping.....and I just put my foot down and said NO!!! After all, we are here til the 29th and have plenty of time to do everything, so we sure don't need to do it all today!!!

We caught a cab over to the marina and found our little restaurant - it's called JESS Y MAR. We were here in 2004, 2007 and now 2009....and it's still the same great place! 

The world's best shrimp cerveche and they did not disappoint me today. You can sit outside by the shore under a cabana and they run your drinks and cerveche to you. Nice gentle breeze and we got to watch several others snorkeling and swimming in the bay. And yes, I had a pina colada at 10:30 am!!! Well, afterall, I am on vacation!

From there, we meandered over to our favorite jewelry shop in town. It's our 3rd trip here and our 3rd trip to this store. Two years ago, Kerry bought me the most beautiful necklace ever. It is designer made with turquoise and blood jasper hand carved Indian symbol in the center that looks like a rather large horn's tooth. I'll have to photo it when we get home.

Today, he found a bracelet and earrings to match the necklace. The designers are known as simply Carlos Albert, but they are 2 different guys who work together.

I love the little market square here with an arbor to walk under. The perfect place where Kerry can sit while I do a little more shopping!

And then we went back to the hotel and just laid by the pool....until the clouds came in and it started to sprinkle.

Had a nice long siesta and then it was off to the Oceana for dinner.....seafood by the seashore. It just doesn't get much better than that at all. Not sure what I ate....shrimp stuffed something...but it was delicious! By now, we have seen "our" waiter often enough that he knows who we are and tells us where he will be working the next meal. I must get a photo of him this week!

Kerry and I agreed that this is the perfect resort...the perfect place to get a much needed rest.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the second photo down, did YOU actually eat the avacados and the tomatoes? LOL It all looked yummy to me. It would be fun to bring some home to share with friends. Looks and "sounds" like you are having a grand, relaxing time.

Ms. Cheryl said...

Jen, Keep puttin your foot down!!! Don't let him get too hot or too worked.Angina is a sign that there is definitely blockages in his heart arteries. I'm praying for his health and for your caring for him to be easy.
I bought your turquoise bangle bracelet for my daughter this past Christmas and she loves it. ms.cheryl

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Kathy. I know it's you as anonymous and no....I did not eat the avacados or the tomatoes! LMBO! I got too full eating the shrimp! :o)

Cheryl - he is doing great. And yes, he has agreed to see his doctor when we get home and is going to actually ask them about stints. I'm glad to know your daughter loves the bracelet....I really need to make more of them! Thanks for the prayers, too - we can always use them!

Tamara said...

Hi Jen,
I enjoy your blog and just wanted to say I look forward to your daily post of your trip.
Such a beautiful place and can see why it is so restful.
Hope all is well with you today.