Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to "work"!

Don't you wish you had my "job"? LOLOL!!! Today I'm experimenting with Mr. Ellie Pooh paper and the cuttlebug and a variety of inks. I can't tell you how much I have loved this paper ever since I first saw it in 2005. Wow! Has it been that long???

Can you find 8 diecuts in the photo below?

How about in this photo?

OK, let me show them to you! Go back and see if you can find them now! When you put this paper in with other sort of turns "real"!!! Now, be sure to read their story on their website (link above).

100% recycled, 75% pooh, 100% fun!!!

diecut with a cuttlebug die, then embossed in a variety of folders. OK, think outside the box when you think of a "folder" - the seahorse is using one of the hearts folders in a 2-part die.

And this piece of seagrass is using a folder form the make-a-flower set.  I used Colorbox queues to ink these  Sort of fun on the Pooh paper!

This paper is beyond amazing when it comes to diecutting and embossing!  Like cutting through butter!  And of course, this is one of my fav folders......I used copic markers on this one: 

Actually looks like puff paper to me:

And then I had to do my "standard" test using Ranger's distress inks....oh yumm!!!

Every now and then, a diecut comes out that I HAVE to have! This was one of them!  I just think this is way too cute!  For this one, I used copics in the air compressor.....totally love how the inks went on Pooh paper with air behind them!

Yep, even those stitches are diecuts!  Too cool!  And look how cute when it opens up!

This is the back of the numbers piece....just wanted to show that on each one of these, I'm using the cream, thin, Ellie Pooh Paper.    My favorite color is Robins Egg Blue, but I stock up on "white" because I just love how it inks up!

And finally, a real does it work with Tim Holtz's new alcohol ink pens?  Just about perfect!!!

Wow! What a great way to return from vacation.....start playing the first day home!  Next up?  Turn these into cards of some kind?  No...I seriously have to start focusing on the
Metal Clay World Conference
....just 6 weeks away!  I have to teach 2 different classes - Diecutting & embossing Paper Type Metal Clay (and quilling) as well as a photography class and a pre-conference workshop!  YIKES!!!

Back to work!!!

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