Friday, November 7, 2008

I see stamps!

I got tired of playing with alcohol inks and decided to work on the walls in our exercise room. They're done!!!

Got an old overhead projector on craigs list and printed out my prototype stamp images on transparency and projected them up on the wall.  OK, I don't like the "s" in the font on the top row and will hae to find a replacement letter for that.  But what a good way to preview stamps!  LOL!

Bigger snacks
Mean bigger slacks

In case you can't make out the phrase on the left.  I love that in the "chub" font!

and stealing the swoosh from Nike - think it will inspire us to move?

And I still think I need to somehow paint more "sweat" around Lucy.  She just doesn't look like she's working hard enough!

Who needs to buy "words on the walls" when you can paint anything you want? LOL!

OK - back to alcohol inks!


Margaret Kane Ward said...

Jen, I gotta comment!! Just love the wall treatment!! As a dietitian I love the self-encouragement that this will provide for you and your husband. Good luck on achieving your healthy goals.

Gerrie Johnnic said...

...YIKES!....and I thought you were my friend! excersize? I suppose I could eat in that room tho..........

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

thanks Margaret! I hope it works, too!

Gerrie - you can come eat in that room any day you want! I'm sure we can convert something into a table! LOL!