Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Alcohol Ink - outside the "box"

OK, how about a tutorial tonight? Part 1 of I don't know how many! LOL!

When you use alcohol ink, almost always, you apply 3 dots in a triangle. But for this technique, apply 3 or more colors in a straight line. Here I have used 5 colors.

Using glossy cardstock, swipe them down the card in a straight pattern:

Your finished piece might look something like this. But the fun is in experimenting with different combinations of inks.

Take the same felt pad and swipe across the card to form a "plaid".

A bit too much cranberry?

Using the same felt, don't add any more ink, pounce the rest of the ink on top of what you just did:

If you allow each layer to dry, it will come out looking something like this:

Sort of looks like watercolor spots up close:

Change your ink to get a different look:

Don't wait for it to dry between layers and it will blend together a little like this:

If you swipe several times in each direction, you get a linen look:

And I think this might just be my favorite so far:

Now, go off and play with that and come back tomorrow to see all the fun things you can do with these backgrounds!

And did you notice that I actually did my nails??? Amazing, huh? LOL!


Gerrie Johnnic said...

Can't be your hands lookin' like that after playin' in alcohol ink....what are you wearin', invisble glove?!! You should see my hands...I'm proud of all that ink on 'em! hugz, GF

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Ouuu! Gorgeous! I wish I had that many colours. I love love LOVE how you've combined them. Dreamy! LO)