Monday, October 27, 2008

Sharing templates and more

Do you use templates? Do you design your own? Do you copy others?

I have a favorite website for templates:

Mirkwood Designs

Do you share your links with others? Our Colorado Chapter of the Art Clay Society's next meeting is going to be on just that topic - sharing sources. It will include shopping tips, website links, any where we get whatever we use in our metal clay art.

So, do you like ephemera? I have to admit that I don't like all of it - I'm partial to vintage dolls, children, christening gowns....but I totally love Artful Mama's Ephemera

I have an old catalog like that, I should scan it in! OK, add that to my "to-do" list! LOL!

Sometimes, I just like the name of a website, but The Crafty Cow has really fun videos as well! Check them out!!! It's called "Live Moovision"!!

Maybe if I do videos I should call them Goo-vision after Lucy McGoo? :o)

Another website that is just full of freebies, hints, tips, etc., is Red Castle.

These are just a few of my favorite things. Hmm....that reminds me of a song.......

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Unknown said...

You are such a sweetie for sharing your wonderful finds.{{{HUGS}}}