Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sea brain

OK, you just gotta laugh! Most people get off a cruise and claim to have "sea legs" - they've lost their land legs. Well, me, I have "sea brain". My whole body is still swaying. I don't even have to be walking, I'm just sitting here and I sway! LOL! And trust me, after all that sleep and brain cells are just mush. Total "sea brain" here!

So I figured I might as well start out with great cruise stories this week - there are several of them!

Our first 2 days were at sea. With not a whole lot to do. So I convinced Kerry to go with me to the spa for his first ever manicure and pedicure - he can be quite expressive at times!!!

He refused to admit that he was totally enjoying the attention as well as the treatment - but he did settle down after a bit:

And I'm pretty sure he was saying "Ahhhh!" here - but you will never get him to admit that!

We did a few treatments in the Spa - something we've never indulged in before. Not only were we pampered, but I actually learned a lot about my muscles, problem areas, how to take better care of what muscle I have left and a few exercises to strengthen myself. I also learned that Swedish massages are the best when you have aging, tightening muscles like I have.

We traveled with 2 sisters and a brother-in-law and just had fun. Here's Elaine on our first dress up night. She's been dieting for 6 years and is stick thin, really tall and totally looked like a model all of the time. She's wearing an absolutely gorgeous dress and yes, those are feathers on the bottom!!!

And here's April - who is really much thinner than this photo makes her look - she'll be dieting for the next 6 years after this one!!! The fun thing is that she designed, realtered, and made just about everything she wore, so it was a treat to see what she stepped out in each day. Her designs should really be in Belle Amoire Couture - they are incredible!

So I spent 10 days with my 2 skinny sisters who both have gorgeous long hair......

If the ocean motion didn't make me sick - this did! LOLOL! JUST KIDDING! We had so much fun. But I think Kerry in the Spa was the best. I don't know when I laughed so hard. Silly man. Makes life fun!

On the other hand - I stayed behind the camera almost the whole time!!!

We traveled on the Noordam with Holland America.

One of the best jokes from one of the comedians on board was about the ship's logo:

Do you see that it looks like a big ship running over a little ship? I would have never noticed that at all. But the comedian said, "The captain on the little ship looked up just in time to yell "DAM!" and thus, we traveled on the Noordam! LOL!

Have you ever crusied with family? TEN days in a 400 sf room with my husband? It's amazing we are still speaking to each other! Actually, we are still just laughing about the whole trip. And HE had to do TEN days with 3 of his in-laws! Life has a way of getting even at times! I think we will be laughing and telling stories about this cruise for a long time to come.

The fun part.....we are ALL already talking about a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands next year! Go figure!!!

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So glad you all had a good time on the Noordam! You're right, the pix of Kerry are the best!

Ron - counting down the days to my cruise in May09!