Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to school!!!

Well, ok, I am a little late! But it's time to get the classroom up and rolling here in my studio!

Sort of like "back to school" days!

You can click on my calendar to see what's going on.

You can join my meetup group and receive emails when new classes are posted.

To start, I'm offering all 94 Ranger technique classes that I taught in San Diego this summer! They are broken down into classes of 5-7 techniques each and you don't have to bring a thing other than scissors and adhesive. I'll supply the rest. And I'll bet I can find scissors and glue if you forget them!

These classes are just $10 each and you can see the first half of the techniques in this Class Album.

On November 19, I've invited a guest instructor to come and share her knowledge about photographing art projects, including jewelry! It's a true hands-on class with a chance to try out the Cloud Dome and tents. I'm pretty excited about this class myself!

I have lots of plans for the studio this winter. I'm thinking a couple of "Girls Night Outs" with pizza, movies, and a fun project. And I may just re-invent some of the other classes and projects that I taught in San Diego.

Maybe a "come as you are" party - remember those? Or what about a pajama party? Now I could go for that!!!

Susan Mostek and I are planning on some joint classes, and some joint videos. Guaranteed to be fun as whenever I'm with Susan, I do nothing but giggle. She's an artist for B-Line Designs.

Funny how fast my calendar fills up when I start thinking about fun classes to host! Speaking of calendar - you know I posted my "to-do" list while I was gone. I'm pretty excited about # 3 on that list as I finally (after 2 years) figured out how to convert cassette tapes to digital format without having to buy a machine that cost me $200 or $300!!! Yeah me! And I have it set up so I can convert tapes while doing other stuff. Double yeah!

So this afternoon I'm off to see if I can figure out more on creating video tutorials to share. Hmmm....maybe that one should come after the goal of losing weight. What? I didn't put that on the list? LOLOL!!!

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