Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lucy McGoo's "Wonder" Weekend

Why call it "wonder"? Because you are going to wonder how we did it!!! A completely, totally, FREE weekend for 19 women!!! Yes, it was 18, now it's 19 - and that's the max this year. All you had to do was get here. And bring your own supplies. And bring food. The rest is FREE!!! Now, that's my kind of play date!

So, today was furniture moving day. Hmmmm......there are a few gals who said they couldn't do the stairs to get to the basement, so I agreed to gut my family room and breakfast nook for the weekend.

But after taking apart not 1, but TWO lazyboy recliner sofas - I say that next year - it's not their knees - it's my back we're going to take care of! LOLOL!!!

Tables and chairs for 19 women from the basement upstairs today. Once again, a huge thanks to Kathy, Rose and Susan who were here to help!

Even my kitchen has been consumed by this. We're putting the food in the "formal" dining room which has recently been converted to my studio area,

And totally expanding out to the back deck!

But ah! The far end of the deck is reserved for meals, conversation, and soaking muscles in the jacuzzi!!! We've also set up 2 massage stations with full body massage seats. Oh yeah!!! Guess where I'll be this weekend!

As we start our fun, I'll be sharing more. We made name plates for each person's seat and I need to photo those - they are just too cute. Little kids playing on swingsets and slides. Hope it inspires everyone to just play all weekend long!

Someone asked today if I was worried about blowing a fuse when we all turn on our heating guns. Hmmm....I wonder if we could do something like the "wave" where we go around the room and turn them on and off in a "wave"? LOL!

It's going to be such a fun weekend, I can't wait for it to start. Wish you all could be here to play with us, but since you couldn't make it, we'll share as much as we can as soon as we can!

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