Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a party!!!

I don't know when I've ever had so much fun on my birthday! It was a 12 hour party!!! When we arrived at a Stamp of Excellence in Canon City,

I noticed that there was a huge "WELCOME" drawn in chalk on the front sidewalk

And when I got closer - I saw my name!!!

I should have known right then and there to beware!!!  Inside, Judi, the owner, had a party table all set out!  What an incredible surprise!!!  

That Judi!  You just never can trust her!  

So, Kathy got her pups to join in on the fun....

And I decided this would be as good a day as any to give you a little tour of my favorite stamp store.....just take a look around.  Literally - THOUSANDS of stamps!!!  And just about everything a stamper would ever need!

That was just one wall in the front room, here's a look at a check out counter  in the next room....

there are only 2 rooms - well, it is just packed as full as it can be!

You could spend a couple of days just seeing what is in this little stamp store!  Fibers, papers, punches, scissors, embossing powders.....an altered artist's heaven, a stamper's paradise, a card maker's joy.....

So, we had cake first! Then we got mom and took her to lunch. After that, we went up to Colorado Springs to visit Creative Impressions, then over to Simple Pleasures. By then, it was time for dinner at the Black Bear Diner where I ended a perfect day with a perfect blackberry pie!

I didn't get home til 10 pm, but I am still giggling and laughing just thinking about the day. I don't know how anyone is going to accomplish anything at the retreat this weekend - for 12 solid hours yesterday, the conversation never once slowed down! I just had to laugh! I think I've already lost control over the weekend and it's still a few days away!

So stay tuned as I start to make final preparations for 18 women in my house this weekend! Oh dear! It's going to be so much fun! Tomorrow, a few of the girls are coming over to help me move furniture.

A huge thanks to Kathy, Rose, Susan and Mom for making my birthday beyond fabulous!!! A really special thanks to Judi for my wonderful surprise. And a big hug to Leesa and Janet for making the day fun!!!

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christina d said...

I'm glad your day went so great. I hope you can keep your group under control this week-end. LOL!