Saturday, September 6, 2008

More scrap the crap!

What a totally fun class this is....but how brave you must be if you are the instructor as you never know what someone will bring to see what you can turn it into! Sally brought this sheet of paper....and we had to's pretty crappy as it is!

I cut out the inside and outside borders, inked it up, and then started layering product and colors and mediums on top. But what we found most amazing is what you can do with the final product. Here it is on coral....

And here it is on green.....what a difference!

One pair of scissors is in the original piece of paper, the others were cut from another piece of coordinating paper by the same company.  We used matte, sepia and glossy accents, Ranger's white pen, stickles....and simply took the graphics that were already in the paper and "popped" them with product.

For the tag in the lower right hand corner, we outlined the already existing leaf in white pen, then covered the tag with glossy accents.  Who would know this isn't and embellishment we stuck on top?

Just so many fun things you can do with all the fun product available.  I've come to the can take any piece of old paper that you don't like....and turn it into something you love!  After I took the photos, I decided to go back and add micro brads for the joint on the scissors.  That's the toughest thing for me...when are we done with our play?  LOL!

Hey Sally.....better start the hunt for an even crappier piece of paper for my next trip to San Diego!!!  And I think I'm going to offer this same challenge to my Colorado pals.....bring me your crap....we'll turn it into something you love!!!

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