Monday, September 1, 2008

And life is good again!

Found the camera. I had put it in it's little black bag and set it on the top of my black suitcase.....and it just so happened to look like the handle to the suitcase! Sigh. With my "old" eyes....I didn't find it until I knocked it off! But alas, all's well that ends well.

But dang! Here I thought I'd have an excuse to go buy a new camera! LOL!

And my brain clicked into gear and I realized I can just come sit in a Barnes and Noble, sip a fruity drink at the Starbucks cafe and log into the intenet from a comfy, overstuffed chair! Oh yeah! Life is good again!!!

Classes are in full swing and the store looks like it!

We used the airbrush on the palm tree die and added glossy accents:

Amazing how they all come out a little different!

More beautiful seashell epoxy stickers from white cardstock:

And the quickutz palm tree embossed - I think everyone loved this technique!

And then we tried the copic markers on a Crafter's workshop stencil....worked like a charm!

A 5 hour class over in a snap!

And yes, some of us actually really truly work our jammies into the store!  This is Bet - she even wore her leis!  Hmm....wonder if she sleeps in them!

Colleen continued to work on her art clay silver pieces all night long.  Her side of our in-store studio is almost as cluttered as mine!  But how fun to come to San Diego and set up a working studio inside a store!

And here's Sally again - so much fun - wearing her jammies as well!

So, I've been to the beach twice now, we've had 8 classes already and today - my day off!  Camera is found, photos are downloaded, I have a full tummy, what more could I ask for?  Life is good!

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