Thursday, August 28, 2008

Side trips on the road trip

Colleen and I left on Tuesday morning and when we got to Utah, we decided to take a side trip down to Lake Powell. I had always wanted to go on the ferry across the lake!

And there's no time like the present! Water is back up - yeah! Looks wonderful!!!

Love the water against the desert rocks. Just gorgeous.

I had never been south of Lake Powell and found the rock formations to be great.

We spent the night in Kingman AZ with my good friend, Jody, and then opted for yet another side trip. Colleen had never seen London Bridge, so off we went to explore that.

And while checking out a gift shop, we found this tshirt. Oh! The inspiration for a scrapbook page....right there in front of my eyes! LOL!

We explored Parker resevoir and Cattail cove...places I have never been. I fell in love with anything right south of Parker on the Colorado River....I could be so inspired living there! And then we took off across California and came upon the Imperial Dunes....yet another place I didn't even know about!

Looked just like we were back in Egypt. Wow!

I totally enjoyed the drive to San Diego just because we stopped when we wanted.....we took new roads to explore new sights....we stayed with friends....and we talked the whole 2 days it took to get here!

Today, we are inside Scrapbook Your Life, setting up for classes, and checking out new store product. Oh my gosh! I've only been gone 4 weeks and the store has nearly doubled in size. I think I'm in trouble! All the new Nestabilities are in stock....Tim Holtz hammer, rulers....loads of Ranger product....and everything you need to do all the classes I've already the classes I haven't posted!

Best hurry down to the store as we are adding more and more stuff to the shelves right now!

Ah! It's good to be back. We've already been to the ocean in search of sand dollars for Saturday's class!

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