Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Original Scrapbox

I want one!!! And I got to see it in person again at the Scrapbook expo yesterday. And I took more photos to answer questions that some of you had. It's the coolest scrapbook storage/organizer I've seen!

There is lots of storage under that table which folds down flat against the center partition:

The black bins are going to go away and you will get a darker beige instead. It opens flat out to 9' wide, but it is recommended that you keep the 4 outer doors on an angle.

it would look like this when open - well, all the bins would be the same color:

All of the shelves are adjustable.....about 2" between each hole:

The larger bins are 12.25" you can see there is a margin outside the normal 12x12 paper:

Then new ribbon box is optional, but still pretty cool:

the outside door folds in flat against the inner doors, which fold up to make a square armoire type piece of finished furniture:

In the center are deeper, narrow bins that would hold your diecut systems:

again, these are adjustable

and then there are these sized bins:

the very outer doors will hold plastic velcro pockets. I asked if we could purchase additional pockets and the marketing guy said that it came with all you would need. I said, "oh, I could get more on that door!" And he said that of course, they would sell them to me! LOL!

The outer doors would also fold at a 90 degree angle:

And the table did seem to be just as sturdy as any that I have in my studio, so I was pleased with that:

If you don't want the full sized armoire, this is a buffet size:

I've set up an account with them and would be more than happy to help you acquire one of these to store all of your scrapbook/stamp/altered art supplies. I'm sure I will have one by the end of the year. It's on my wish list. Hmm...maybe I'd better email this blog to Kerry! :o)


TA Carbone said...

I wish I would of seen this before I got my paper storage 2 years ago. But yet that smaller one is fantastic also. We will talk more about this when you return Jen as I am interested


Stacey said...

I have the full size one and I LOVE it! All my stuff is so organized and within easy reach.