Saturday, August 16, 2008

Make your own paper in less than 5 minutes!

One of my upcoming classes in San Diego will show you how to make quick holiday cards or your own paper. For this example I first used a Tim Holtz stamp - I think this really represents travel for me:

Next, you ink up a piece of cut n' dry felt to match the stamped image:

Using the ink pad, you can quickly repeat stamp the image over and over: (I store these little inkpads in zip lock baggies for future use.)

Then cut it out and make quick cards!

So, I used a Pugnacious stamp, inked up another piece of felt, and randomly stamped the image on a sheet of paper:

Then I restamped with clear embossing powder and used holographic embossing poswer to shadow the images:

And although you might not be able to see, this is a totally shimmery, glittery piece of inked, stamped handmade paper:

It will work great for backgrounds, journal covers and more. I can't wait for this class. I think we are going to be so creative and just have fun experimenting with our stamps and inks! Anyone want to get inky with me? Be sure to bring an apron!!!

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