Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sharkey's on Shelter Island

Well, when you are playing this hard, you need carbs to keep your energy up. So Friday, Liz, Lucky and I went in search of Sharkey's on Shelter Island. A brand new place across from Humphries. And I was shocked to see it is out over the cool is this???

So, of course, you get a "to die for" view of the San Diego skyline!

And can sit and watch all the sailboats in the harbor....ok, I could work here!

And a great view of the inlet at the harbor....

And yes, that's a real pelican on the roof!

But look how close you can get for a photo op!!! No, I did not use the zoom!!! I don't think I've ever gotten this close to one in the whole 9 years I lived out here!

This is my good friend, Jeff. He owns the Classic Malt Shop where I've been going for years and years and now he's opening up Sharkeys. So now you know why we had to go find this place!

You know I love to do restaurant reviews. Well, today, I had the Philly cheesesteak and it was PERFECT!!! And it comes with nice thick fries that are just too yummy! I could only eat half the sandwich, there was so much! But the good thing - as soon as the ovens arrive, they will have pizza, and they will deliver to all of Shelter Island and Point Loma......and....(drum roll)......they are going to make a BBQ Chicken pizza! YEAH!

So now you know where you'll find me on my next trip out to San Diego!!!

We all came back to Scrapbook Your Life! wearing our new Sharkey's t-shirts! We promised to advertise as the place is brand new and I don't think anyone knows about it yet!

I've had such a perfect day! Spending time with my best friends, good food, and loads of laughs. Who could ask for anything more?

Except the chance to be just a little bit ornery!


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