Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Storing Nestabilities

I demo'd this at the show here in San Diego and someone asked me to blog how I did this, so here you go! How I store my Spellbinder's nestabilities dies...they come packaged like this:

I cut fairly thick chipboard into pieces that are 4" x 4".

Then I cut pieces of magnet paper and 2 sided tape to match:

I attach the tape to the chipboard and then attach the magnet paper on top of that. When done, my dies are nested onto the magnet paper:

They do not come off no matter how you angle the board:

Then I label the back of the chipboard with the type of nestability it is:

And then I label each die. Remember, I said that I was going to label the smallest die # 1 and go up from that, so my largest die with this set is a # 6.

I also put my initials on all my dies as I travel with them and demo with them.

Here's the tape I use...comes in an 8.5 x 11 sheet:

And here's what the magnet paper package looks like from Office Depot. I know that Staples carries it as well.

4 sets of 4x4 chipboard and all of my oval nestabilities are now ready to travel:

I've done this with all of my nestabilities....and after 2 days of demos and 2 days of workshops....I haven't come up short a single die!

I have also done this same process with all of the new individual dies....like Flying Beauties....where the butterflies are all loose. Just place them on these magnet boards and they will stay in place as you travel.

I use the little clear plastic zipper bags that Karen Foster had out a year or so ago. Absolutely perfect to travel with my magnet boards!

And one more thing....be sure to cut some pieces of magnet paper that you don't put on chipboard. You can use those to keep your frames in place when you run them through your diecut machine!

6/4/08 - editing this post to add the following:

I have received so many questions from readers who take their dies apart and don't label them, then want to know how to put them back into the same set....or they need to know what the set is that they currently own so they can order additional sets. I hope this will help!

Here are the sets with the size of the largest die. Scale down by 1/4" for each die within that set

S4-114 Standard Circle, Large (coordinates with S4124 and S4 115) 3.75 x 3.75"
S4-116 Standard Circle, Small (coordinates with S4 125 and Sr 117) 3.5" x 3.5"
S4-125 Classic Scalloped Circle, Small 4.4 x 4.4 (Coordinates with S4 116 and S4 117)
S4-124 Classic Scalloped Circle, Large 4.2 x 4.2 (Coordinates with S4114 and S4115)
S4-115 Petite Scalloped Circle, Large (coordinates with S4 114) 4x4"
S4-117 Petite Scalloped Circle, Small (coordinates with S4 116) 3.75 x 3.75"

S4-002 Geometric Dies, Circles

NEST 05 Classic Circles

NEST 04 Petite Circles

S4-110 Classic oval, Large, COL 2.75” x 3.75”. Coordinates with S4-111
S4-111 Classic Scalloped Oval, Large, CSOL 3” x 4”. Coordinates with S4-110
S4112 Classic Oval, Small COS 2.5” x 3.3”. Coordinates with S4-113
S4-113 Classic Scalloped Oval, Small, CSOS 2.8” x 3.65”. Coordinates with S4-112

S4-138 Petite Oval, Large, 3.5” x 4 9/16”
S4139 Petite Scalloped Oval Large 3 11/16” x 4 13/16”
S4140 Petite Oval Small 3.25 x 4 3/”
S4141 Petite Scalloped Oval Small 3 7/16” x 4 9/16”

S4-004 Geometric Die, Ovals,

Nest 01 Nestabilities, Classic Ovals

Nest 06, Nestabilities, Petite Ovals

When adding numbers, make the smallest die # 1 and the largest die is # 5 or 6 or 7, depending on how many dies are in the set.

Stay tuned as I will be designing with specific numbered dies from different sets and this numbering system is going to be the key to those designs!

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