Saturday, March 15, 2008

Restoring dried out markers

Don't you just hate it when you take a marker out and you get that dried-out look? I know I do!

Take a pair of pliers and pull the brush tip out

Spray just 1 or 2 squirts of Perfect Refresher down into the barrell. I will also usually spritz the tip that I just took out.

Set it down in a jar so the tip is facing down. After just 20 minutes....look how much ink came out on the brush!!!

It doesn't matter what kind of marker it is. Here's a dried out Krylong copper leaf pen. Look how dried the marks were:

I spritzed the end, put some refresher down in the barrell and immediately, it started painting again!

I have had many of my Marvy Markers since 1992. SERIOUSLY!!! I just keep bringing them back to life using Ranger's Perfect Refresher.

But once again...if you think you want to toss your markers out.....send them to me. I will repair them and get them to the local home school network so that these kids can have a chance to learn how to play! After's not what you's just that you learn to play! LOL!!!


Sandie R said...

I knew about using the Perfect Ink Refresher for your markers but for Krylon pens that is a new one to me but one that I will be sure to try before tossing them out. I'd send them all to you but it costs me to much to ship south of the border from Canada.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

You can pretty much "refresh" any type marker that has a tip you can remove. can also refresh any type marker that you can remove the other end's cap or plug and get the refresher down into the barrell.

Unknown said...

What is in this stuff?? I mean, what's it made of, alcohol, vinegar, water, lighter fluid?? Does it have an odor?


Thank you for posting this :):):)