Friday, March 14, 2008

How to repair ink pads (torn or dried out)

I am so saddened every time I read or hear that someone has tossed out their rubber stamp ink pads! It is just soooooo easy to fix them!!!

This is a versamark Pad and as you can see the corner has come loose.

Just run a thread of Glossy accents around that loose corner

Set the pad back down and put the lid on the pad. Set it aside for 24 hours. It will be good as new!

And if your pad has dried out and you do not have the reinker for it...Perfect Refresher is just a perfect way to fix that!

Here's what the pad can tell it's totally dried out.

I spritzed the Perfect Refresher on it, until the stuff floated on top of the pad. Then take an old credit card and spread the refresher down into the pad.

This is what it stamped immediately. If I do this 2-3 more times and let it set overnight, it will bring the ink back so I can use it quite a long time.

On the other hand...if you want to mail all your old ink pads to me, I will repair them and then donate them to local home-school moms. They will be thrilled to get them as their "budget" for art supplies is usually whatever we give them! A great way to guarantee home-schooled kids get art included in their cirriculum..


spottylover said...

Thanks for the VERY useful information!

Heather said...

This is an excellent guide- thanks Jen.

I was shocked when I read the post that people had simply thrown their pads away when they are so simple to repair. I had to repair 2 pads 10 years ago and they are still going strong.

Unknown said...

what if you dont have the refresher - is there anything else you can use - or where can you get the refresher??

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

I don't know of anything other than the Perfect Refresher that will work. Stores that carry Ranger products should be able to order it for you from them. I think you can also go to and order it online. Good luck!