Friday, November 23, 2007

How to emboss and chalk a Spellbinder's style die

This is the first tutorial on embossing a Spellbinder's style die. Yep, there's more than one way to emboss these dies! But first, you might want to review the tutorial on diecutting.

So, at this point, you have the die:

and the diecut:

and you want to build your sandwich. From the bottom to the top it will be:

White emboss mat
die with diecut inside it. Note, you place the side of the paper that you want to be embossed facing down. Here, you see the back, the side that will be de-bossed, not embossed.
Tan polymer pad
White cut mat, cut side down

Here's what it looks like after you run that through the Wizard. (Reference the cut tutorial for how to run the sandwich through the Wizard)

And a close-up of the embossed detail

But we think that's not good enough, so we came up with a product called Lucy McGoo Wonder Goo. You simply spritz your paper with this and it will break down the fibers in the paper, but not hurt them at all, and will enhance the embossing capabilities of anything!!!

We think you will be amazed at the difference in the depth you get!

So, before we move on in this process, I want to point out that these dies also have a 3rd function, they act as a brass stencil and you can use the die as such. I love to use non-smear pastel chalks by the Stencil Collection.

I have the set of 48 and just LOVE the colors. I've had this box for over 2 years, use them all the time...looks like I'll have them for about 5 of 6 when you see the price, just know, they last forever!

They are non smear, so you simply take the stipple brush (included) and go from one color to the next. No changing little cotton balls, no worry about smearing colors...these are truly great!

And the stipple brush is great for getting color down into the open areas of a die. Just like you are using a brass stencil. Apply different colors to different sections or blend a color from one section to the next.

When done, take the diecut out of the die and see your gorgeous embellishment!

I take this a couple of steps farther out. First, I use my cut n' dry foam to apply Ranger's Vintage Photo distres ink to the edges.

And then I take Spiced Marmalade and rub it over the entire diecut. Now, this is if I'm wanting to tone down the colors and get a more distressed look. Works great!!!

Set it's just gorgeous!!!

Tomorrow, I hope to show you how to do reverse embossing!!! I'll be using the Paisley die. I posted the card made with this diecut a couple of days ago, feel free to take a look here!

And as just a note, I do not receive any compensation from these companies. I'm just sharing the products that I like because I like them! This doesn't mean that I like ALL the products that any of these companies produce either. Just wanted to make that little clarification! But I do have fun playing and hope you will, too!!!

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