Friday, March 24, 2017

Climbing upwards

Today was one of those days.  We had wanted to walk from the HAAS Promenade to the City of David, but after doing some research, we decided that probably wasn't a safe thing to do.  So we decided to do Rampart's walk.  Went to get tickets and because Friday is the Muslim holiday, that section is closed.  But we seem to have an endless list of things to do, so we headed to Teddy Park.  There's a new interactive video program that truly explained how he, Teddy Kollek, who was the mayor here for years, truly developed and built this "new" Jerusalem.  On the way we saw this sculpture which I think is incredible.  The oceans have been cut out - only the land shows.

Below it is the bunting - 3 globes or 3 clover leafs - a map of the origins of the world.  You will often see the 3 globes in a triangle in buildings here.  This is the cradle of civilization.


I guess I should back up and say that we probably had the best breakfast yet at a place inside Mamilla mall called Ramon.  It was a great buffet and you could order your omelette the way you wanted it.  I love the fresh fruit they serve for breakfast here.  It is the largest meal of the day here and then lunch and/or dinner are simply snacks.  It just makes sense as you need more of your energy earlier in the day. This was a great place!


This is a multi-layered fountain at the north end of Teddy Park.  


And the digs....of a typical home in the area.  Imagine living in this!


It seems as though we are always climbing up.  April even said that if we aren't climbing up, we aren't going in the right direction.  I'm certain that applies to our walk with Christ as well as everyday living here in Jerusalem!  When I say we walked 12,398 steps....just imagine that most of there were like this - not flat on the ground.


We explored the "Dutch" windmill - a gift from the Netherlands.  It is definitely a landmark here.


Back to Mamilla Mall.  They always have the most unusual sculptures and today I found this guy tucked into a corner.


We went back to Teddy Park to walk through the Artist Colony and see the water dancing.  A full 30 minute show.  Some night next week we'll do this after dark to see the lights and hear the music.


These 2 cuties were fun to watch as they chased after the water.


Looking up at the walls of the Old City


A view from the Artist Colony looking towards the Old City


Some days it's not so bad when all you are doing is climbing (and looking) \\\\\upwards!

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