Saturday, February 15, 2014

Create - a mirror from a recycled frame

It all started when I saw this frame at the thrifty store.  There was even a big chip out of a corner.  But it was half off of $1.99 - so I had to buy it!!!

Can you believe this is the end result?  And that I could almost imagine it like this when I saw it at the thrift store?    First thing I did was decoupage white burlap over the entire frame.  I have learned (finally) to wear plastic gloves when I work with mod podge!!  Sure makes the clean up quick!

The little paper bench is made by using the new Elizabeth Craft Designs garden bench.  It is meant to be a pop-up die cut, but if you cut it out just right, you can fold the arms and legs back and it makes a perfect 3D element.  I think a lot of crafters see a die only as it is meant to be used.  I really try to find other uses.  OK - the truth?  It's my excuse for buying more dies!  LOL!!!

Note the flowers on and under the bench.  Those were made by using 4-6 layers of these dies:
Flowers 1
Flowers 2
Bunch of Flowers 1
Bunch of Flowers 2
Curvy Vines

I cut some in card stock, some in mulberry paper, and some using shimmer sheets.  I totally forgot that I also used the Snowflakes die as a layering element of the flower.  You can see it in the pink shimmer sheets in the bottom flower in this next photo.  I used stickles crystal glitter on the leaves and stuck rhinestones down in the center of some of the flowers.

I like to use netting or mesh in my flowers.  I rolled the edges, pinched the centers, trying to give some dimension to most of the flowers.  Just fun to play with them!

I wanted to show how you can take the leaves right up the side of the bench, stick flowers down in the corner, up under the bottom...just do so much with this die.  I even covered part of the top of it with stickles glitter.

The word "create" at the bottom was a cream colored fabric stitched embellishment.  I layered a copic marker over it and then blended the color using a paper towel soaked in 91% rubbing alcohol.  Love how that turned out as well!

This frame is actually going to be used as a mirror at the scrapbook store so that when you come in and try on the jewelry that's for sale, your face will be framed in this!!!  But I couldn't get the mirror to photograph, so I used this painting.  My mom's mom in 1906, painted by my mom in 1997.  These two women taught me how to create!

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